Services - What we do
Did you know that the doctors at Eyeworks of San Mateo can treat many eye       
conditions and write you a prescription for medications to fill at the pharmacy?

  • We can diagnose & treat:
  • Eye infections  - "pink eyes"
  • Mild to severe eye allergies
  • Inflammations of the eye
  • Corneal abrasions
  • Contact lens related irritations/infections
  • Dry eyes - Discuss all your treatment options

  • We also perform:
  • Foreign body removal on the cornea & conjunctiva
  • Punctal Plugs for dry eyes

  • Comprehensive eye exams for patients 4 years of age and higher.
  • State-of-the-art equipment for pin-point accurate prescription
  • Color testing and depth perception testing
  • Ocular motility & muscle balance
  • Trial frame refractions
  • Slit-lamp evaluation of the anterior & posterior portions of the eyes
  • Tonometry for evaluating eye pressure (check for glaucoma)
  • Dilated fundus exam for a detailed look of the lens and retina
  • Digital photography of retina
  • Automated visual field testing for glaucoma and other neurologic issues
  • Explanation of all findings
  • Any paperwork that needs done such as for DMV, schools, licensing requirements.

  • Fitting for contact lenses –
  • We fit all types (see below).
  • Our goal is to have comfortable contact lenses that affords the best health for your eyes.
  • Our doctors also train patients if it is their  first time wearing contacts.
  • In addition, our contact lens fittings also include follow-up appointments.

  • We fit brand name contact lenses including those for:

  • Corneal refractive therapy (CRT) lenses to wear at night for 20/20 vision by day
  • Bifocal lenses – gas permeable and soft
  • Astigmatism lenses (toric) – gas permeable and soft
  • Color contact lenses - with or without prescription
  • One day disposables
  • Extended wear disposables
  • Contacts for dry eye patients
  • Bitoric rigid gas permeable contacts
  • High oxygen contacts
  • Medically necessary contacts such as gas permeables for keratoconus or
  • Post-surgical corneas requiring reverse geometry lenses.

  • If you are totally out of contacts, we can provide  “loaner” soft lens until your appointment.

  • Frame selection done by experienced optician who can advise you of the latest options to
    match your lifestyle.
  • We carry the thinnest lightest lenses currently on the market (High index 1.74)

  • Frame repairs and adjustments for that perfect fit.

  • Fill outside valid prescriptions for glasses and contacts.

  • Complimentary consultations for laser vision correction and corneal refractive therapy.
  • Pre and post-op care for patients who have undergone laser vision correction.
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