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A: Take a look here.

Q: Is your office a chain or franchise?
A: We are an independent private practice with all the service and care you deserve.  Instead of being
seen by various doctors, you will be assigned to one doctor.  We feel this continuity of care is in our
patients’ best interest.  Our goal is to provide you with the best eyecare experience.

Q: Are your doctors optometrists or ophthalmologists?  What’s the difference between the two?
A:  Our eye doctors are optometrists.  Optometrists are considered primary eye care providers, skilled
at prescribing glasses and various contact lenses.  They are also trained to detect and diagnose eye
diseases.  Some, like the eye doctors at Eyeworks, can also treat eye infections, inflammations, and
perform specific ocular procedures, such as foreign body removal and punctal plug insertions.  They
can also write you a prescripton to be filled at your pharmacist for your eye condition and see you back
for followup visits.  For most patients, an optometrist can address most of their visual needs.  In
cases where patients need further testing, we have a network of ophthalmologists who we can refer
to depending on their needs, whether it’s a retinal, glaucoma, corneal or cataract specialist.

Q: Is your staff experienced?  
A: Yes! Our doctors have been practicing in various settings for many years, unlike most retail chains
and some offices who employ new graduates. Likewise, our opticians have over 10 years of
experience.  Most opticians at the retail chains have just gotten into the field.  Experience does make a

Q: Do you accept insurances?  
A: Yes!  Please take a look here or simply call us to help you.

Q: Are you accepting new patients?  
A: Yes.  We would love to be the eyecare provider for you and your family.

Q: Will you explain what insurance benefits I'm entitled to?  
A: Absolutely.  We can do this either in person or just give us a call.  We can also best advise you on
how to maximize your benefits for glasses or contacts if you need both.  We can calculate the various
scenarios for you and let you decide which option you want to go with.  

Q: How long does it take for me to receive my glasses once I pick them out?  
A: It goes to your insurance lab and takes approx. 7 to 10 working days, give or take depending on the
volume of jobs at the lab and the specifics of your order.  

Q: Seems like your office has some very nice glasses.  What if I just want something simple?  
A: We have something for everyone.  Although we do carry some designer frames that are fashion
forward, we also carry lines that are more classic and traditional.  We also carry a large inventory of
frames for children.  And just because we carry quality eyewear does not mean we are expensive.  As
a matter of fact, we are priced lower than the retail chains.  We offer great value for the quality products
we carry.

Q: Do you guarantee your products?  
A: We stand behind everything we sell.  All our products carry the manufacturer’s warranty against
damage and defect.  And because we are an authorized dealer, we can get parts for your eyewear if
we don’t have it in stock.

Q: Do you carry sunglasses?  
A: Yes.  We carry top brand names, latest models,  at competitive prices, often less than the major
department stores.  We know our products and guarantee them.  (Try bringing your sunglasses back
to a major department store to get a missing screw.)    Almost all our eyewear can be made to
prescription, depending on your prescription.  For more, click

Q: Can I use my insurance for sunglasses?  
A: As long as you have some prescription, your insurance will allow the benefits to be used towards

Q: Do you fit contact lenses?
A: Absolutely. From gas permeable, to soft, to bifocals, to color contacts, to daily wear disposables, to
extended wear, to ones for astigmatism, to the latest brands with more oxygen transmission allowing
for healthier eyes.  We do it all.  There are more choices than ever.  Our doctors can give you options,
recommend the best one depending on your prescription and lifestyle and fit you for the most
comfortable contacts you have ever had.  For more, see

Q: I heard there are these contacts you sleep in, take them out when you wake up and can see 20/20.  
What are they?  
A: Yes, we fit those too.  The process is called corneal refractive therapy (CRT).  Please see here for
more info.

Q: Who do I trust for laser eye surgery?  I have some questions about it, too. Do you have any
A: We work with very well qualified surgeons who do excellent work.  Since our office do not perform
the surgery, we are in a very good position to give you unbiased information.  After a thorough exam,
we can discuss the variables that make a person a good candidate for the procedure, tell you if you
are a good candidate or not, explain step-by-step how it works, what to anticipate, and how to tailor the
prescription that will be best for you.  Dr. Lai has had LASIK done on his own eyes and would be more
than happy to share his personal past experiences and inform you of the latest innovations in this
dynamic field.  For more, see

Q: Do you fill outside prescriptions for glasses or contacts?  
A: Yes, as long  the prescription is a valid and not expired.  California law prohibit filling prescriptions
that have expired, similar to medication refills.  We would be more than happy to check your insurance
benefits for you as well to apply towards your eyewear purchase.

Q: Will you provide me with an itemized receipt for reimbursement purposes?          
A: Yes, we do this routinely.  Our computer generated receipt will show the breakdown of the charges.  
If insurance is utilized, the receipt will clearly show what the insurance paid and your portion of the
charges, if any.

Q: Will you release my prescription for glasses and contact lenses?
A: Absolutely.  Unlike other offices, we feel it is your right to have your prescription.

Q: How do I get my records transferred?  
A: With all the federally mandated privacy laws in place, you, the patient, have to contact your previous
doctor and sign a release form.  Once signed, the record can then be released to you.  We don’t have
to have your previous record but if you would like us to include it in your file, we would be more than
happy to do so.

Q: How are my records stored?  
A: The vast majority of your medical information will be stored electronically.  We are proud to be one
of  few offices in the bay area to go paperless.  No more lost charts!  As such, all our diagnostic
equipment helps funnel information towards this end. Rest assured your privacy is very important to
us and your information is securely stored and backed up daily.

Q: Do you have weekend appointments?  
A: Yes, we are open Saturdays for your convenience.

Q: Where do I park?  
A: There is street parking and parking structures throughout downtown San Mateo.  

Q: What services does your office provide?
A: We are a full service optometric office.  See here.

Q: How do I make an appointment?  
A: You can call us, fax us or email us.  See here.
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