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Dry eyes with contact lenses?
Can't read comfortably with contacts?
Red eyes with contacts?
Not sure if contacts are right for you?
Bifocal contacts?  One-day contacts?
What to try something new?

We can help!  We know contacts!

If you currently wear contact lenses or have in the past or are wondering if it is right
for you, give us a call!  The contact lens industry is evolving at an incredible pace.  
We pride ourselves to be on the cutting edge of this industry.  From gas
permeable lens to soft lenses, from multifocal contacts to ones for astigmatism,
from colored contacts to more oxygen permeable, silicone hydrogel contacts, we
carry all the major brands.

If you are having a hard time reading with your contact lenses, multifocal contacts
may be a very good solution to help you see like once did.

If dry eyes have kept you from wearing contacts in the past, the new contacts today
may change all that!  These contact lenses are made of revolutionary polymers
that resist drying while a the same time providing tremendous oxygen
transmission, making the lenses more "breathable", healthier for the eyes overall.

Plus, with every soft disposable contact lens fitting, you will receive a
complimentary pair of contacts!

Also, we are one of a few practices in the peninsula fitting the Paragon CRT
lenses.  With these lenses, you simply wear them to sleep and in the morning,
remove the contacts and enjoy 20/20 vision.  This is a great option for pre-teens
and adults who want the comfort of seeing with no contact lens by day without any
permanent effects of laser vision correction.  Safe, FDA-approved, reversible
procedure as an alternative to LASIK.  For more information, please read our
seciton on

Dr. Lai, in October 2003, was interviewed on Channel 7, ABC, KGO with
Dr. Dean Edell about the Paragon CRT lenses.  Click
here to read the transcript.
Contact Lens Fittings
Sleep your way to
20/20 vision with FDA
approved Paragon
CRT Lenses