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Laser Vision Correction

If you are wondering about laser vision correction,  first take the time to find out if
you are a good candidate or not.  This field is always evolving with new
technologies all the time.  Through the discussion with the doctor and performing
a few simple in-office tests, we can determine in most cases if you are a good
candidate.  If you are a good candidate, we can discuss the procedure that fits
you the best.

Our knowledgeable doctors will take the time to discuss the various procedures
currently available, pro's and con's of them and match the procedure and surgeon
that is right for you.  Rest assured we work with only the best refractive surgeons
in the Bay Area.

Perhaps even more importantly, our experienced doctors can also lend insight as
to how to tailor your prescription with laser vision correction.  Although many
patients opt to have both eyes corrected for distance, that may not always be the
ideal option for those patients over 45 years of age who do near or computer
work.  We can give you options that you may not have considered and in some
cases demonstrate to you how your vision will be post-operatively - basically give
you a preview of how your vision will be after surgery.

Our goal with each patient prior to surgery is to have a thorough discussion to
answer any and all questions and to ensure your expectations are met.

The doctors are objective in their presentation and can answer any of your
questions.  Dr. Lai himself, has had LASIK performed on his eyes in 1999 so he
can relate first hand experiences to you.  But again, not everyone may be good
candidate for laser surgery, so each patient is screened individually with their
lifestyle in mind.

The best way to see if you are a candidate for laser vision correction is to have a
complete exam.  Alternatively, call for a complimentary personalized consultation
for laser vision correction.
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