Children have special needs
Eye examinations performed on children can be somewhat different compared to adults.  
If a child has difficulty seeing far or near, not only does the proper prescription for glasses
need to be determined, but also the alignment of their eyes need to be evaluated.  Severe
misalignment can be seen as a "lazy eye." But oftentimes, more subtle deviations of the
eye muscles can be the underlying cause for headaches and inability to concentrate on
reading or any extended near work.  Moreover, these same eye muscle imbalances can be
present even if the child is able to see 20/20.  

And just because a child can see 20/20 does not necessarily mean he has "perfect" eyes.  
A child with substantial farsightness will still see 20/20 in the distance but would have to
struggle to read comfortably.

And then there are the children who insists that they see poorly, only to find that they
actually see well and do not need glasses.  But their big sister or friend in class just got
glasses so they, too, wanted glasses.

In a nut shell, children exams are approached slightly differently, since their inability to
relay reliable information necessitates some objective testing.

At Eyeworks of San Mateo, the doctors are experienced in examining children regardless
of their underlying malady, if any.  If eyeglasses are needed, options will be discussed with
the parents and their appropriate use.
Eyeworks carry a large selection of eyewear specifially for kids.

Since children can sometimes be tough on their glasses, Flexon frames are a great option
since they can bend without breaking.  We also carry Easy Twist, Nike Flexon, Disney
Princess for girls.  Swiss Flex is also another great frame for children due to it's elastic
nature of the frame.

With all eyewear for children, polycarbonate lenses are necessary to ensure a certain
degree of safety.  The impact resistance of polycarbonate makes it virtually shatterproof.  
UV protection is also very important amongst youngsters, since they do so much outdoor
Being so active, contact lenses  or CRT (corneal refractive therapy)  can be a great option
for youngsters.

But contact lenses comes with certain responsibilities, and we understand you may have
some thoughts and concerns about contacts lenses.

To see if contact lens is right for your child, feel free to call our office and speak to one of
the doctors for a consultation.