We are a full service optometric practice with all new state-of-the-art equipment.  As primary
eyecare practioners, we provide comprehensive eye examinations for people of all ages from
4 years of age and above.   We are proud to be one of the few offices in the Bay Area to have
state-of-the-art computer assisted equipment* to obtain the best prescription for you.  The
result?  Unparalleled precision and accuracy with each exam.

In addition, paper charts are a thing of the past!   Instead we have implemented electronic
medical records (EMR).  Instead of paper charts that can be lost or misfiled, everything will be
securely saved electronically.  Accessing information will always just be a few keystrokes
away.  We are one of just a few optometric practices doing EMR 100%.   Health care is
changing rapidly and we are dedicated to keeping up-to-date in this dynamic field.
Personalized, Innovative Solutions
Comprehensive Eye Exam
Just as important as technology is a doctor who will listen to your concerns.  
You will find the doctors at Eyeworks to be warm, caring, and passionate at
what they do.  Each of us are unique individuals with distinct needs.  We use
our eyes during every waking moment. Some of us spend a good portion of
our day in front of the computer. Others spend it on the road most of the day.
While others work hard and play hard outdoors.

After taking a thorough history, a refraction is performed to determine your
exact prescription.  This is the basis for determining your best options.  
Whatever the issues may be, the doctors at Eyeworks will tailor solutions for
you - solutions that work.  Whether it’s glasses, contact lenses, laser eye
surgery or vision training, we can recommend options to fulfill your needs.

Then we take a careful detailed look at the health of your eyes.  Under
magnification, we inspect first the front surface (anterior portion) of your eyes,
checking for cataracts and any other conditions that may be less than benign.

Next, we visually inspect the optic nerve further to screen for possible
glaucoma or other systemic diseases associated with optic nerve changes.  
The actual eye pressure is then measured and recorded to further rule-out
glaucoma and other related issues.

Finally, we recommend viewing the retina further.  The retina is the thin
delicate tissue that lines the  inside of our eye,  which allows us to perceive
light and vision.  The retina can be visualized using traditional dilation
techniques, where eye drops are instilled with some minor side-effects.
Or, alternatively, hi-definition digital photos of the retina can now be captured
in a blink of an eye with no dilation required.  Vision is not affected with photos
since there is no dilation so you can drive home seeing well.  And most
importantly, imaging the retina provides photodocumentation for future
comparisons.  These images become a part of your medical records so if you
ever move, we can forward these images electronically to your next eyecare
provider.  We can even email you a copy of your retinal photos if you like!

Like any medical procedure, the thoroughness of a dilated exam lies in the
hands of the doctor.  This highly important procedure is the foundation of
preserving our vision.  Not only does viewing the retina allow us to detect
holes/tears in advance that can lead to permanent vision loss with a detached
retina, it can warn us of systemic diseases the patient is unaware of, such as
hypertension and diabetes.

Should a referral ever be necessary, we work with a network of specialists
located nearby for seamless continuity of care.

Our doctors are state certified to use therapeutic pharmaceutical agents to
treat eye disorders to the fullest extent for:

Eye infections  - "pink eyes"
Mild to severe eye allergies
Corneal abrasion
Foreign bodies on the cornea

In addition, the doctors can perform:
Punctal Plugs for dry eyes
Intra-ocular pressure checks
In-depth visual field tests and interpretation of the data
Office Visits
*Marco TRS-2100 electronic refraction system with uplink to Marco Autorefractor
Retinal Photos